Detail Modifier 

Strands with detail 5 (left) and detail 20 (right)

Very often it is required to either increase or decrease the strand approximation on the fly. For example, sometimes it is a good strategy to start modeling the hair in a very low detail setting and then as you progress to increase detail and edit the hair into their final shape.
Furthermore, it is often more desireable to have a lower segment count in viewport and bigger one during render to get smoother results. Using strand detail modifier you can control the viewport and render segment count of specified strand object separately.
Strand detail uses a 3'rd degree b-spline interpolation to smoothly vary out the shape of individual hairs.



  • Viewport/Render Count
    Determines how many segments should be on the re-interpolated strands.

MaxScript Access 

You may use standard properties exposed by showProperties myModifier to access and change this modifier.

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