Single Feather (Hybrid) 


Creating hairs on the edge of a mesh feather 

In some cases you may want to add hair to the edge of a mesh feather object to give it more detail at the edge. 3ds Max and Ornatrix's modifier based workflow can allow you to do this in multiple ways. One parametric way is to use the Shell modifier on your mesh and expose the Shell edge as a Material ID. That Material ID can be used by Ornatix to grow hair.

This example shows that process and how you might use OX Surface Comb with OX Length modifiers to get a more detailed result. Take a look in both of these modifiers to so the Gradient Ramp maps that are being used to control Lenght and Slope over the surface of the mesh.

In many cases for a single feather you might just create a mesh stem that hairs are grown on and that will give you an excellent result. I think this scene is an interesting hybrid approach however.


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