Animation Cache Node 



The Animation Cache Node is designed to have a real-time playback of your hair animation. You can export the animation of the guides or hair to an .abc file using our Alembic Exporter, then use the Animación Cache Node to import the cache into the hair stack. This way you can have a real-time preview of you hair simulation without a decrease in performance.



Strand Group
This parameter works the same as in other operators, you can isolate the effect of the Animation to a particular Strand Group created in the Edit Guides Operator

Apply Amount
Determines the intensity of the effect, can be used to blend animation.

File Name
This is where you can load .abc file exported using the Alembic Exporter.

Time Offset and Time Scale
You can use those two parameters to control the delay and playback speed of the animation.


Tutorial and Sample Scene 

Animation Cache Tutorial

The sample scene include the animated dancer and a basic hair stack for you to test the Animation Cache node.

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