Making-of Someone 



Alireza Akhbari created a break-down video and some guides to show us how he created facial hair for his work "Someone" using Ornatrix Maya. This great walk-through shows us the types of operators and features he used to achieve hair, beard, mustache, and hair fuzz for the character's head.



Eyebrows were created using Surface Comb operator to direct the hairs along the surface. Length operator node was used to procedurally modify the length of the eyebrow hairs using a texture map. The hairs were then clustered and Render Settings node was used to apply correct thickness.


Mustache and Beard 

Mustache and beard were created by using Edit Guides operator to define the shape using brushing. A map was used to distribute the hairs to make them appear denser and more sparse in different areas. Some procedural effects like curling and detail changes were applied in the process.


Facial Fuzz 

For added realism, fine facial fuzz hairs were added on top of the face. These types of hairs resemble fur and are fairly straight-forward to set up using basic Fur Ball groom and Surface Comb operator to direct the hairs.



The hair was rendered with VRay and the results impress no less than any other work by this great artist.

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