Rendering with Arnold 



Arnold is a widely used commercial renderer developed by Solid Angle.

Ornatrix has built-in support for rendering hair using Arnold. No special steps are required, simply set the scene renderer to Arnold and all Ornatrix hair should be detected and rendered.


Supported Versions 

Although Ornatrix is supported with all recent versions of MTOA, it is recommended that you download the latest version from SolidAngle website
Maya 2017 comes with MTOA 1.3.0, for example, however MTOA 1.3.1 fixes multiple important bugs and should be used instead.



You can find various Arnold-specific attributes under the rendered hair or guides shape's Extra Attributes section inside the Attribute Editor.

For example, an important Minimum Pixel Width parameter can be found here.



If you experience any issues when rendering Ornatrix hair with Arnold make sure the following files are present in Ornatrix installation:
  • extensions\OrnatrixTranslator.dll (will be different extension on OSX and Linux)
  • procedurals\OrnatrixProcedural.dll

Also make sure that the following line is present in Ornatrix.mod file, with 20XX being the current Maya version:

ORNATRIX_ARNOLD_PROCEDURAL_PATH := 20XX/procedurals/OrnatrixProcedural.dll


Arnold not working out of the box on OS X 

Arnold render currently does not work out of the box on OS X!
As a temporary fix please do the following:
  • navigate to /Applications/Ephere/Plugins/Autodesk/Maya/Ornatrix/20XX/extensions/
  • copy the OrnatrixTranslator.dylib and files to /Applications/solidangle/mtoa/20XX/extensions/
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