Defect Reports

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This defect was confirmedDisplay layers no longer affect Ornatrix Hair nodes?
6 September by GioChrono
This defect was confirmedgroups and strands
8 July by gerardo
This defect was confirmedMaya Plugin Crashes When Loaded
14 September 2018 by liepins444
This defect was confirmedAbout Maya Viewport 2.0 delay
2 September 2017 by chen123yi
This defect was confirmedHair from mesh strips - Frizz not working
12 December 2017 by carlosortega3d
This defect was confirmedSlow selection when using 2 shaders to 1 mesh
24 November 2017 by triduza
This defect was confirmedRadius Ramp points out of area
24 November 2017 by triduza
This defect was confirmedClumping on Haor from Mesh Strips
6 November 2017 by kiddr01
This defect was confirmedOrnatrix doesn't seem to work at all with Arnold 5.0
17 April 2017 by Headcrash
This defect was confirmedapplying saved groom derived from HairFromMeshStrip
29 April 2017 by jmarcus
This defect was confirmedDynamic node copy crashing Maya.
24 March 2017 by AVL Aplicativos
This defect was confirmedRender Point Count in Detail Node has no effect
11 March 2017 by michaelkdaw
This defect was confirmedMesh From Strands Create Nucleus Simulation broken uvs
7 February 2017 by XantusAnimation
This defect was confirmedLoading Dynamics Node results in immediate Maya Crash - OSX Maya '15/'16
29 January 2017 by adrian_indigo
This defect was confirmedCrash when deleting hair root
26 August 2016 by marsbuddy
This defect was confirmedLatest Beta Doesn't Install On El Capitan (OS X 10.11)
8 October 2015 by PatColeman
This defect is openSettings Volume of Hair from Mesh Strips crash Maya.
29 August by rndlab
This defect is openAnimation cache not recording all strands
26 August by maddabout
This defect is openProblem with Hair from Guides
13 August by maddabout
This defect is openerror to save grooming
28 July by esau111186
This defect is openLicense server install error code 1
22 July by M2Anim
This defect is openedit guides and Show End Result
1 July by gerardo
This defect is openOrnatrix doesn't load on startup, spews odd errors when loaded
23 June by Headcrash
This defect is openHair from Mesh Strips Animation Render error
This defect is openguide fly away after update the latest version
28 April by Yu Yat Tung
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