Defect Reports

This defect was confirmedgroom transfer to animation mesh
22 July by
This defect was confirmedOxHairFromGuides Surface Displacement
12 July by davidaucourt
This defect was confirmed[6.2.0] crash Hair Stips & clump
19 June by TAT Studio
This defect was confirmedAdding ox dynamix to the stack crashes 3ds max 2019
2 April by steamheads
This defect was confirmedCrash when selecting anything other than Vertex Distribution
26 March by oakcorp
This defect was confirmedCrash when selecting anything other than Vertex Distribution for Root Distriburion in Ox Hair from Guides.
26 March by oakcorp
This defect was confirmededit guides brush
6 February 2018 by threeaxis
This defect was confirmedNo realtime change in OX Dynamics + Jittering ! Max 2017 x64
3 January 2018 by misk
This defect was confirmedException error when using feathers on Ornatrix 6 beta and Redshift
31 December 2017 by SteveDGreen
This defect was confirmedSurface comb issue
11 December 2017 by helmisvfx
This defect was confirmedtoolbar in 2018
22 April 2017 by 6ill9re9
This defect was confirmedpossibly bug : hair strips from an ornatrix system with "mesh from strands" on top works only in viewport
27 April 2017 by cinci
This defect was confirmedMultiple Starnds
26 March 2017 by magilla
This defect was confirmedGroup Selection error
12 April 2017 by HGConde
This defect was confirmedStrange command appearing in max listener input box
7 February 2017 by Strob
This defect was confirmedVersion do not install properly on Max 2017
9 July 2016 by manumoro
This defect was confirmedPossible bug with hair shadows/instancing
30 March 2014 by Vincit
This defect was confirmedGuides on Spline
19 November 2013 by cameron
This defect is openBaked Guides bug ?
29 March by TAT Studio
This defect is openHair from Mesh Crash with 6_62.5.20723
11 September by tredistudio
This defect is openPropagation Issue
10 September by helmisvfx
This defect is opencrash when animating
6 September by
This defect is openRendering Ornatrix at Rebusfarm
27 August by mediaramas
This defect is open[] Generate Guide Data - Expression Editor won't open in Max 2017
26 August by fexman
This defect is opennew vrscene export crash
20 August by TAT Studio