Strand Animation Modifier 

Strand animation modifier allows you to import external animations previously exported from Ornatrix. These animations can be either accessed directly from .oxh files every time the file loads up or animation is requested, or they can be stored into 3dsmax memory and saved with .max files.

A group of strand animation modifiers may be layered on top of each other to combine multiple animations onto a same hair/guides object. One important thing to remember is that the topology of the animated object must be the same as the topology of the object receive animation from this modifier.

A typical use for this modifier would be to be able to store previously computed hair dynamics onto a network server and then during network rendering have each slave simply load animations from the same file(s). Not only does this save a lot of size in .max files, but it also allows you to update animations without having to touch the original hair scenes.

Sample usage would include adding dynamics onto a guide object, calculating a simulation, exporting a .oxh file with animation option on. Then one would remove the dynamics modifier and add an Ox Strand Animation modifier instead. In this modifier you can now load the exported .oxh file and animation would be restored.



  • Timestep
    If this parameter is other than 1, the animation will be stretched or compressed when exporting animation to memory.
  • Start frame
    Where the animation should begin.
  • End frame
    Where the animation should end. Animation will be stretched between start frame and this parameter.

MaxScript Access 

You may use standard properties exposed by showProperties myModifier to access and change this modifier.



You can find examples on usage of this modifier by examining the unit tests in

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