• When no sub-object hair points are selected deformers in the pipeline now affect the whole hair structure.
  • New Ornatrix toolbar!
  • Internal improvements to speed of hair and guides evaluation as it passes through the modifier pipeline. Significant speed-ups in some cases.



Hair from Mesh Strips Object 

  • New to Ornatrix V3!

Edit Guides Modifier 

  • Named selection set
  • Revert Brush
  • Smooth Brush
  • Move Guides on Mesh
  • Soft Selection for brushing and styling guides (??)
  • Ability to pass Soft Selection up the stack (??)

Symmetry Modifier 

  • Better interpolation down the seam
  • Option not to mirror strands which are too close to the mirror plane
  • Ability to automatically ground mirrored strands
  • New ability to align the mirror plane along X/Y/Z axes

Frizz Modifier 

  • Frizzing is now multi-threaded for improved performance.
  • Maximum frizz amount is increased for additional control.
  • A new curve control is added to control frizzing along the length of a strand.

Length Modifier 

  • Length value can now extend past original guide length to make them longer as well as shorter

Hair Shells Modifier 

  • The modifier is now exposed to MaxScript to allow custom scripts to set it up and add/remove shells.

Surface Comb Modifier 

  • Surface Comb Sink movement after creation
  • Surface Comb Sink tip Adjustment
  • Surface comb drag out distance and display GUI arrows are now independent of the viewport zoom

Guides on Spline Modifier 

  • The length diagram can now be popped out into a floating window to allow fine control over the relative guide lengths.

Ground Strands Modifier 

  • Numerous improvements to the consistency of how the hair is deformed after strands have been grounded


  • Displacement of hairs on surface of mesh at render time (blur)
  • Nitrous hair display and rendering
  • Velocity output to Vray for correct motion vector Render Elements

Hair from Guides Modifier 

  • Hair viewport preview count can now be linked to the final render count via a percentage multiplier



Alembic Export 

  • UV coordinates are now exported into Alembic files


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