Why did my Guides get all messed up FAQ 

If you have opened your file or adjusted something in 3ds Max or Ornatrix and your guides got all messed up, there can be multiple reasons for this happening. Bellow are some frequent offenders:

1. Topping the list of offenders is having Turbosmooth below your Edit Guides or Guides from Surface in the stack. Turbosmooth should really not be used below guide creation. This is because it can change the topology of the mesh and that will change your guide creation and mess up your guides down stream. This can be tricky because everything may seem fine with your groom and setup but then if you reopen the file your hair is a mess. Turbosmooth will get reevaluated when the scene is opened and in some cases this will cause refactoring of the mesh. If you need to use Turbosmooth on your mesh it should be on a separate reference mesh.

2. Modifying the base mesh after guide/hair has been generated. This is very similar to #1 but a little easier to understand because you may know that you are modifying the mesh. This would be adding/removing polygons or using a modfier in max that will modify the mesh topology like Tessellate, Cap Holes, etc.

3. If you are using a distribution map for guide or hair distribution its important to use the Remember option in OX Guides from Surface. This will make sure that your guides do not get regenerated via the map on launch of max. This option is also important for distributed rendering.

4. If your hair is generated on a deforming mesh it is important to use the "Topology orientation" option in Ox Guides from Surface modifier. This will make sure your guides do not flip as a mesh is deforming from animation. Its important to note that you need to set this option before grooming. If you groom your hair with OX Edit Guides and then decide later that you need this option it will reorient your guides producing a "messy" and undesired result.

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