Upgrading FAQ 


Ornatrix V3 to V4 

Please uninstall any versions of Ornatrix installed previously. We have switched to using a new MSI installed instead of the old proprietary one. As such it will not perform the un-installation of previous versions automatically.


Ornatrix V2 to V3 

Please uninstall any versions of Ornatrix installed previously on your computer. The new installer will perform additional tasks such as set up the Ornatrix toolbar.


Ornatrix V1 to V2 

When upgrading Ornatrix Version 1 to Version 2 it is important to uninstall previous version of Ornatrix before installing the new one.

Alternatively, you can also just remove "Ornatrix.dlo" from your <3dsmax>/plugins/ directory. The reason for this stems from the fact that we have renamed Ornatrix.dlo assembly into Ephere.Plugins.Autodesk.Max.Ornatrix.dlo and as such you may get duplicate plugin errors if both the dlls are present inside the plugins directory.

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