Swamp Creature 



Alessandro Baldasseroni, a great Italian character artist at Riot Games, created this awesome looking creature in his latest personal project: Swamp Creature. Ornatrix was used for all hair effects:



The characters model has separate hair emitters for hair, beard, eyebrows, and fur on the arms. A map was used to control the placement of the hairs in conjunction with other Ornatrix distribution parameters.

Alessandro: "A distribution map placed into the hair from guides modifiers for head hair, beard, and eyebrows played a crucial role to have a more natural hairlines and transitions with the skin."



The hair stack consists of a number of parametric operators used to apply various grooming to the hair.

Alessandro: "Combing is pretty straightforward: basic Ornatrix combing tools, trying to get some distributed clumping with hair clustering and strand clustering modifiers".


Materials and rendering 

V-Ray was used to create materials and render the hair. "Shader is VrayHairMtl with VrayHairInfoTex in each relevant slot."


The final beauty closeup 

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