Push Away From Surface 


Quick summary 

It is generally desirable for guides not to penetrate the surface from which they are originating. However, during editing it is easily possible for such intersections to happen, especially if many guides are edited en-masse. Use the Push Away From Surface operator to solve this problem. Contrary to the Push Away From Surface button in the Edit Guides modifier, in this operator the user can include additional collision meshes to the groom.



Apply to Group
Allows you to isolate the effect of this modifier by choosing a Strand Group created in the Edit Guides modifier.

With this parameter you can control the distance at which the guides should be away from the mesh.

External Object Interaction
Adding additional Collision meshes to your groom is really simple, click the Add Collision Mesh button and select the mesh in the viewport.

Curling Along Strand

This Ramp Curve give you the ability to control the effect of this operator from root to tip.

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