Using Ornatrix Toolbar 





Ornatrix toolbar is a new feature as of Version 3 which provides a quick way to add renderable hair to an object, add modifiers to hair, and change Ornatrix properties. It is available for all supported versions of 3ds Max starting with 2013.


Showing/Hiding the Toolbar 

By default, the toolbar should be visible at the top right portion of 3ds Max window on the 3ds Max's main toolbar. However, if it isn't you can always make it show by right clicking on 3ds Max's main toolbar and selecting "Ornatrix" from the list. If "Ornatrix" is not available as an option please check your installation or contact support.

To hide the toolbar, right click on 3ds Max's main toolbar and uncheck the "Ornatrix" option.


Adding Quick Hair to Your Objects 

The leftmost button on the toolbar will set up hair by allowing you to select a groom which will be applied to the selected 3ds Max object. Different grooms will set up the hair stack in different ways. For example, the hair ball groom, will reference the mesh geometry, parent it under the initial object, and add guides from surface modifier, edit guides modifier, hair from guides modifier, render settings modifier, and more modifiers depending on which render engine is currently used.

  • If "Scanline" renderer is currently used a fast raytracer atmospheric will also be added to the scene with the added hair automatically pre-selected.
  • If "VRay" renderer is currently used a vray modifier will be added to the hair stack to make it appear inside renders.
  • If "Mental Ray" renderer is currently used a MentalRay object will be added with hair pre-selected in it.

Adding Procedural Styling to Hair 

The rest of the buttons on the toolbar are the different modifiers and objects which you can add to your hair stack. These allow styling and operating on hair and guides. When you pick a modifier from the list your hair object(s) should be selected and the modifier must be appropriate for all the selected objects. For example, if you are adding an Edit Guides modifier your hair object must be guides and if you are adding a Hair Clustering modifier then the object must be hair.


Opening Ornatrix Settings Dialog 

The left-most button will open Ornatrix settings dialog which displays information about the present version of Ornatrix and also allows to change some global Ornatrix settings.


Adding and Removing Toolbar from MaxScript 

Ornatrix toolbar is added during the main installation, and removed during uninstall. However, if you wish to manually add or remove the toolbar afterwards you can also do that. This may be needed if you copied Ornatrix files manually, for example, without using the installer.

Use the following commands in MaxScript listener to add and remove Ornatrix toolbar:

-- Adds Ornatrix toolbar to 3ds Max

-- Remove Ornatrix toolbar from 3ds Max

If the toolbar is not removed after calling OxRemoveToolbar(), restart 3ds Max and type the command again.

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