Starting and Activating 



Once you have installed Ornatrix you can start using it right away by starting 3dsmax. If this is the first time you installed Ornatrix you will need to activate the license. This process is automatic and should not take more than a minute. If you activated Ornatrix previously you will not need to license it again on the same computer.


Licensing with internet connection 

When you use Ornatrix for the first time you will be prompted with an authorization dialog where you can either enter the IP address of a floating license server, if you set one up already, or license the current workstation in stand-alone mode. Use the License This Computer button to activate the license. Internet connection is needed for this step.


Licensing without internet connection 

If you do not have an internet connection you will be presented with a URL link in the activation dialog. Copy this link to a computer with internet connection and download the executable activator file from our website. Copy this file back to the computer where Ornatrix is present and run it there to activate the license.


Specifying IP of a floating license server 

If you have a floating license server you can specify its IP on your local network to allow Ornatrix to run. This can be done through the activation dialog which is presented when you try to access Ornatrix GUI.

  • The IP address is stored in a file called Ornatrix3dsmaxLicenseServerIP.txt located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local by default.
  • You can change the location of this file by adding a ORNATRIX3DSMAX_LICENSE_SERVER_IP_PATH environment variable and specifying the file path there.
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