Distorted guides when increasing the Num Points parameter. 


  • Problem: Guides From Shapes get distorted when changing the 'Num. Points' parameter in the Guides From Shape modifier and only the default parameter works correctly.
  • Cause: The ground strands modifier uses the rotation of the very first hair segment to orient the strand after grounding. After grounding, as you change the point count the hairs get re-interpolated from spline curves which changes the orientation of the first segment. This causes the rotation of the whole guide to also change.
  • Solution:
    1. In Ground Strands uncheck Strand Rotations. This will allows you to change the point count after grounding. Downside is that when you animate/deform the base mesh the guides will not rotate along with it, they will only move. You can fix this later through re-grounding or baking the guides.
  • 2. Re-ground strands after changing point count. This will fix the problem and still allow rotations.
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