Distorted guides after reloading the scene. 

  • Problem: The guides are being changed or distorted after using an Edit Guides modifier on them, saving and reloading the scene.
  • Cause: There are multiple user/workflow errors which are preventable and lead to this:
    1. Using a distribution map and not caching the roots.
    2. Using Turbosmooth below Ox Guides from Surface modifier and later modifying topology by accident.
    3. Not using "Topology orientation" option in Ox Guides From Surface modifier.
  • Solution:
    1. If you have to use a distribution map or a guide channel in Ox Guides From Surface go to Root Caching and activate Remember Roots. This will cache the guides and ensure the guides roots stay attached to the same place on the base mesh.
    2. The Guides generation is topology dependent, changing the topology will cause a re-interpolation of the guides, avoid changing the topology of the mesh after the guides are generated.
    3. Go to Root Orientation in Ox Guides From Surface and make sure Topology-Based is checked. This will ensure that the hair twist is fixed and oriented with the topology of underlying surface during animation or if the base mesh is deformed.
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