Feathers grooming texturing and Dynamics 


Modeling and Grooming the feathers: 

This is the first of a series of tutorials dedicated to realistic feather creation using Ornatrix 3dsmax. Learn how to set up your character for feathers, how to add feathers, and how to adjust various aspects to get the artistic look you desire. Use the skills acquired from this tutorial on your own characters and learn more in second part of the lesson.

Building on the first part feathers tutorial we learn how to use surface comb to quickly and interactively orient the feathers on the character.



After setting up our feathers in previous two tutorials we are now ready for dynamics. In this quick tutorial learn how to animate the feathers using physics to properly move with the character.



Now that we're done with modeling and animating our feathers it is time to give them some texture. Learn how to properly assign texture coordinates to your feathers and how to vary feather textures, materials, and shading for different parts of a bird in this easy to follow tutorial.


Feather objects: 

In the final video in our feathers series we look at how custom meshes can be used to define your chaaracter's feathers. We will learn how meshes can be scattered and positioned so that different feather models will appear in different parts of the character. Texturing and UV coordinates alignment is also explained.

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