Generate Guide Data Modifier 



Generate guide data modifier is a procedural way of creating per-guide values based on some criteria. These per-guide values can then be used to control parameters and groups inside Ornatrix.


Generating hair LOD using Generate Guide Data Modifier 

In this quick tutorial we will go over the Generate Guide Data Modifier in Ornatrix 3dsmax and use it to add and remove hairs based on how far the object is from the camera. This technique can be useful for setting up characters which are in the background while saving memory and speeding up the renders. General Generate Guide Data overview will also help you use this powerful modifier for generating other procedural information which can be used down the hair pipeline.


Ornatrix 3dsmax: Hair LOD with changing strand thickness 

Building on the previous hair LOD tutorial where we decreased hair count when camera moves away from hair we now improve the effect by increasing the strand thickness. This allows for a smoother distance level of detail transition and reduces any potential popping.

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