Licensing FAQ 

  • I have moved workstations. How do I update my Ornatrix license to work there?
    Please use the "Reset License" link on the licensing page to release the hardware lock. Afterwards, simply install Ornatrix on the new computer.
  • I have a computer at home and at work and I would like to use my Ornatrix license on both. Is that possible?
    Yes, please contact us for an additional Ornatrix hardware lock. We allow this only on a case by case basis.
  • Can I install Ornatrix with floating licenses?
    Yes, please use the "network install" link on the downloads page. Please note that you must do this before installing Ornatrix on any other computers.
    See our floating license setup page for more detail.
  • I installed Ornatrix correctly, but it gives me an "Enter License Server IP" dialog every time I use it.
    Please check your Windows Services dialog to make sure that a service named "Ephere License Server" in running. Set it to "Automatic" if it is currently set to "Manual".
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