Rendering with RebusFarm 



Serguei Krikalev here with a review for Ornatrix 3dsmax and RebusFarm. Every Ornatrix 3dsmax license comes with 100 free Render Points from RebusFarm.

Rebus has amazing support for many 3d software packages. Please look at more at their website and enjoy the offers.

My earlier experience with RebusFarm was amazing and I decided to show a little about the process when using it with Ornatrix 3dsmax. Like most 3d artists, I use more than one 3d software package. I transition between several apps to get the best results. Services like Rebus make my life easier by providing large range of support.


Scene setup 

Here is my scene ready for to go:

With their integrated plugin we can render to the farm directly from inside 3dsmax. To do this go to Rendering menu and then use Render with RebusFarm option.

After Farminizer tab appears we can fix all errors showed inside it. An advantage here is we always fix all errors directly while inside the Farminizer tab. When you are ready to upload your scene you can do it by pressing the upload button. Since I'm rendering a single image Farminizer shows me advice about distributed render or single PC render. It is very cool.


Preparing to render 

I used Vray for my render. Progressive Render was very useful here and Rebus have a cool feature that limits render point consumption, making my work easier to preview the render, for example.


Uploading the scene 

With the last smart check we are ready to send our scene to the farm now. Click on Upload in Farminizer and all will begin automatically. You can see the upload progress in RebusDrop plugin for PC and also on the Control Center page on Rebus' site.



When the upload finishes we can begin our render. Expanding your control panel tab you can see the render progress, including light cache progress.


Downloading results 

Wait a few minutes and we have the render ready. Your scene will start to download automatically, you only need to open your RebusDrop and verify it when everything finishes.

My image with some touches in Photoshop:

And the final result:

With simplicity and powerful tools we can get amazing results for our artworks. Ornatrix and RebusFarm are a perfect combination.

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