Adding Hair to Objects 



Introduction to Ornatrix

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Adding hair 

To add hair to an object find Ornatrix shelf. The left-most button is our Add Hair To Selection option, clicking on which will add hair to selected scene shape.

Depending on the selected shape(s) a different set of hair operators will be created. For example, selecting a whole mesh or a set of selected polygon faces will add hair to the selected areas. However, if you have some NURBS curves selected, guides will be generated from these curves instead.

When using a mesh to generate hair six operators will be added to the hair stack. From bottom to top:

  • The first operator represents the shape used to generate the hair guides, this is the distribution mesh.
  • Guides From Mesh operator scatter guides on the distribution mesh.
  • Edit Guides operator is used to edit and brush the guides or to sculpt the hair strands when used on top of Hair From Guides operator.
  • Hair From Guides operator distribute and interpolate the hair following the guides previously generated.
  • Change Width is the operator used to modify the thickness and shape of the hair strands.


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