Oscillator Operator 

Oscillator is a procedural dynamics simulator designed to predict the hairs's follow thru motion and creating inertia movement without full featured hair simulation. This operator supports gravity impulses and Maya's external forces such as turbulence, wind, and vortex.

Hair movement without (left) and with (right) the Oscillator operator



A set of intuitive and artist friendly parameters are included to quickly create oscillation simulation with few parameters. Additionally, those parameters can manipulated using texture maps, Strand Groups, Guide Channels and Color Sets. See the corresponding page for more information.

  • Time Scale
    Determines the speed of the oscillation process. Use it to decrease or increase the reaction time of the oscillation between each impulse.
  • Iteration Count
    Number of iterations to solve oscillation equations.
  • Amount
    Blend the operator output with the original strand's positions.
  • Damping
    Controls the damping of the oscillation.
  • Stiffness
    Strand's Stiffness.
  • Inertia
    Strand's Inertia. Increase for more expressed effect.
  • Gravity:
    Gravity or other static forces vector.

Creating basic oscillation 



Using Force Fields 



Exporting the animation 

The animation generated by the Oscillator operator can be exported using our .abc exporter. Find step by step instructions on how to cache and export hair animations in the Animation Cache Operator page.


Sample scene 

A sample scene with the Oscillator operator can be downloaded from HERE. The scene contains a basic stack with two operators: Guides From Mesh and Oscillator operator with some tweaking to the Damping, Stiffness and Inertia.


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