Controlling Lucid from MaxScript 

It is possible to control Lucid entirely from MaxScript using its built-in functions. The following functions are available:

-- Starts Lucid "sandbox" simulation mode

-- Step Lucid simulation by one frame. LucidStart() should have been called prior to this.

-- Stops Lucid "sandbox" simulation mode

-- Determines whether Lucid "sandbox" simulation is started
[bool] IsStarted()

-- Starts and plays Lucid in Sandbox simulation mode

-- Sets global Lucid parameter as a floating point value
SetGlobalParameterFloat [string parameterName] [float value]

-- Sets global Lucid parameter as integer
SetGlobalParameterInt [string parameterName] [int value]

-- Resets all global Lucid parameters

-- Adds currently selected nodes to Lucid simulation using the specified preset index (which is an integer value from 0 to 12)
AddToSimulation [int presetIndex]

-- Gets the version of Lucid plugin as either a string (0) or integer (1)
GetVersion [int which]

Sample code 

Sample code can be found in MaxScript access documentation sections for each Lucid object, operator, and helper.

There is also global sample code which tests Lucid:

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