Lucid in a Nutshell 


Lucid Multiphysics 

Lucid is a plugin for Autodesk 3dsmax‎ which adds functionality for physically simulating fluids, grains, cloth, soft, rigid objects. One of the biggest features of Lucid is its simplicity in operation and close integration within 3dsmax. It also provides unprecedented simulation speeds due to a fully GPU-based solver based on NVidia Flex technology.

We have developed Lucid with a big focus on usability. As a result, it combines a user-friendly interface with ability to create complex simulations that are easy to configure and manage. Using a core set of tools like the Lucid modifier and a set of Particle Flow operators you can quickly populate your existing scenes with dynamics effects ranging from gases and liquids to metals and rubbery substances. Additional tools help attach things together, display the guts of the simulation, and incorporate 3dsmax built-in forces and operators.


Getting started 

There are a number of resources which can help you get up and running with Lucid. Download a demo version if you do not yet own a license and install to open up the world of quick and easy simulation.

Go through a few introductory tutorials in our YouTube playlist. There are many tutorials there covering most of the functionality. However, if you need more reference browse this documentation further to get all of the information you need:

Basic introduction tutorial

Questions and comments 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly or through our forums and join our Facebook community.

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