Attachment Helper 



Attachment object intro (Begin at 0:10)


Attachment acts as glue or stitches which can hold multiple objects simulated by Lucid together. It defines a volume within which Lucid particles belonging to two objects are bound together using spring constraints. This forces the two objects to stay attached to each other during the simulation. You can visualize the points of attachment inside the viewport.


Creating an attachment 

To create an attachment helper go to 3dsmax Create panel, Helpers, and choose Lucid category. Click on Lucid Attachment button and then click inside the viewport to create the helper. Dragging will determine the volume which will be attached.

Objects which are simulated by Lucid (have Lucid modifier applied or created with Particle Flow geometry operator) that fall within the attachment volume will be attached to one another.





Turns the attachment on or off. When it is off it will be ignored during simulation.





Specifies the size of the attachment volume.



Specifies the amount of force used to keep the attached objects together. A value of 1 is default.


Time Range 

Controls the valid time range of the attachment object, which is the same as parameter in Lucid modifier.


MaxScript access 

Attachment helper's parameters can be accessed via standard MaxScript commands. Use showProperties function to get a list of modifiable properties.

Sample code for dealing with attachment helpers:

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