Mesher Object 



Mesher tutorial


Mesher object can be added to a scene to generate a fluid mesh from one or more Lucid objects. Parameters of the resulting mesh can be adjusted such as granularity and texture coordinate generation. Convenient methods to show and hide objects meshed by the mesher allow for quick display management.

Use mesher object to combine multiple Lucid fluid volumes and Particle Flow operators into one mesh.






Show Viewport Icon 

Turn this option on or off to show or hide a selectable viewport representation icon for the mesher. It is there for convenience when you need to select the mesher.


Hide All 

Hides all objects which are currently being meshes in viewport. This is useful when you just want to see the resulting mesh and not the particles that make it up. Note that this will not hide any Particle Flow particles. For that you need to manually turn off the display operators in each Particle Flow event where Lucid is used.


Show All 

Does the opposite of the Hide All action above.


Meshed Objects list 

Allows to add, remove, and manage particles which are a part of the resulting fluid mesh. You can add the objects by individually picking them inside the viewport, or use the Add Multiple button to select the objects from a list.


Fluid Settings 

These settings control meshing the fluid. They are the same as fluid meshing options in the Lucid modifier.


MaxScript access 

Mesher object's parameters can be accessed via standard MaxScript commands. Use showProperties function to get a list of modifiable properties.

Sample code for dealing with mesher objects:

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