Working with Particle Flow 



Basic Particle Flow Setup (Begin at 2:55)

Using Particle Flow geometry operator

Particle Flow display operator (Begin at 6:05)

Multiple Particle Flow emitters tutorial (Begin at 0:17)

Frequently Asked Questions 


Particles are generated in visible steps 

  • Problem: When PF Lucid Fluid operator is used the particle stream is produced in visible steps.
  • Cause: Particle Flow generates new particles only one per every frame by default. This means that particles will come in packets if many of them are to be generated in a short time span.
  • Solution 1: Use an Object Placement operator to spawn particles and randomize their positions. This will cause particles to be created at different distances from the emitter for every frame.
  • Solution 2: Change the Integration setting in Particle Flow source object to more than once per frame.
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