Foam Object 





Lucid Foam object, when present inside the scene, will generate foam particles for all liquids currently inside the simulation. You can control the particle limit as well as the behavior of the foam particles through the object's parameters. You can also show the foam as particles or mesh inside the scene. Foam particles will be recorded during simulation recording mode.


Creating Foam object 

There are four ways to create Lucid foam object:

  • Use the Foam Object button on the Lucid toolbar
  • Use the Create Foam Object option in the Lucid main menu
  • Inside 3dsmax Create Panel browse to Objects, Lucid category, and find the Lucid Foam button. Use it to create the foam object manually.
  • Use LucidSelectFoamObject true command in MaxScript listener or your custom script

Known limitations 

  • Foam object will not respect external collision objects. It will only collide with the global sandbox collider.
  • Foam object might not always respect external forces. It will, however, react with built-in gravity and wind forces specified in the Flex settings helper.
  • Parameters for specifying foam can be tricky to adjust and get right.

MaxScript access 

Foam object's parameters can be accessed via standard MaxScript commands. Use showProperties function to get a list of modifiable properties.

Sample code for dealing with foam objects:

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