Playing Back and Retiming Simulation 



Once you have recorded your simulation you can play it back by using 3dsmax timeline playback controls. You can also control how the recorded data is played back. It can be reversed, slowed down, or sped up by a specific factor.

Reversing and rescaling simulation

The playback controls described below only apply to Lucid modifier, they are not available for Particle Flow Fluid Operator and Particle Flow Geometry Operator. This is because Particle Flow controls the particle count and Lucid must obey it at any given frame, even in recorded mode. Thus we cannot reverse or re-time the simulation in Particle Flow operators.


Reversing playback 

Reversing simulation playback can create some useful effects such as objects un-breaking, or fluid flowing back into a container. To reverse the playback use the Reverse check box in the Recording rollout.


Scaling playback speed 

Scaling simulation speed can produce effects such as slow-motion animation. In the Recording rollout there is a scale factor parameter, 1.0 by default. Reduce this value to slow down the animation and increase it to speed the animation up. This value can be animated so you can have different speed of playback at different times in your scene.

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