Change Width 

This operator allows to modify the thickness of the hair strands. Contrary to the old Render Settings operator, Change Width operator give you direct access to the width values stored inside the hair object, this ensure consistency across all render engines and operators.



  • Strand Group
    Specifies a strand group to which the Change Width operator is applied.
  • Width
    Specifies the hair thickness. This will determine the radius of each hair strand.
  • Width Multiplier
    Add any Maya texture map here to specify the thickness variation along the surface of your distribution mesh.
  • Width Channel
    Specifies a strand channel or vertex color set used to vary the hair thickness for each strand.
  • Width Ramp
    Use this ramp control to specify the variation in thickness of each strand from root to tip.

Absolute Length 

These options allow you to set the width of each strand based on its length instead of being applied equally. Shorter strands will thus not taper off as much as longer strands, for example. This behavior is useful for simulating shaved hairs.

  • Use Absolute Length
    When on, the width modification along the strand length will be done from 0 to Absolute Length value and not from root to tip
  • Use Longest Strand Length
    When on and Use Absolute Length is used, the longest strand will be used to calculate absolute length instead of the Absolute Length parameter
  • Absolute Length
    When using absolute length, this specifies the strand length along which the width curve will be applied. Shorter strands will use less of the curve.

Note: RenderSettings operator will be preserved for backward compatibility with old scenes, however it cannot be found in the Ornatrix UI anymore, you can add it to the hair stack using the following MEL command:

OxAddStrandOperator "" "RenderSettingsNode";


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