Maya nHair Interop 



To extend the power of Ornatrix inside Maya you can use it together with Paint Effects hair which comes built into Maya.
Ornatrix hair gets converted to Paint Effects hair follicles which are updated and modified in real-time as you change it with Ornatrix. You can render, animate, and style the Paint Effects hair using all of the existing Maya tools.


Converting guides to Maya hair 

There are two ways of converting Ornatrix hair into pfxHair in Maya.


Using guides context menu 

Right click on your Ornatrix guides or hair inside the viewport to get the context menu. Select the Convert to Maya hair option.


Using a MEL command 

Execute the following command in the MEL script editor:

OxConvertGuidesToMayaHairSystem( "MyHairShapeName" )

Replace "MyHairShapeName" with the name of your Ornatrix shape object's name.

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