Importing Alembic hair 

Ornatrix has a quick and easy way of importing Alembic .abc files containing hair curves and setting up Ornatrix hair shapes from them. The curves can be previously exported using Ornatrix own Alembic exporter or from any other DCC application, including Maya's own Alembic support. The imported curves can contain a variety of information including widths, UV channels, strand groups, and strand channel data. Once imported the hair can be used as any other part of Ornatrix pipeline in Maya.


Importing Alembic files 

To import an Alembic hair file:
  1. Make sure that Ornatrix plugin is loaded.
  2. In Maya main menu go to File, Import...
  3. In the Import dialog, at the bottom Files of type drop down select Ornatrix Alembic option
  4. Select the .abc file to load and press Import

Structure of imported hair 

A new Baked Hair shape will be added to the scene and the imported .abc file will be loaded in it as reference. You can choose the viewport preview percentage and other options which Baked Hair provides. You can also use this hair normally with other Ornatrix operators.

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