New in Version 3 

Version 3 expands greatly on Ornatrix Maya V2 in nearly all aspects: the GUI, performance, hair display, optimization, and of course features. Here are some of the highlights for the new features:

  • Edit Guides
  • Surface Comb
  • Hair from Guides
    • Strand groups can be used as hair parts
    • Guide proximity mode in Hair from Guides on by default, barycentric interpolation on by default
  • Arnold Render
  • Clump
    • Clumping tool is now in Maya's shelf
    • Clump hair editing tool uses hair selection overlay for displaying selected clump hairs
  • Frizz
  • Animation Cache
  • Ground
    • Added "Ground closest end" parameter
  • AI Animator : Train hair movement based on predefined animation using machine learning
  • Noise operator : Quickly animate basic procedural hair movement, or just add randomness to hair shape
  • Smooth Surface operator : Use OpenSubDiv to dynamically subdivide base mesh
  • Reduced storage requirements for hair surface dependencies, allows faster work with polygonal base meshes and smaller memory usage
  • Strand group patterns : Use a pattern to filter operators for a range of strand groups when needed, instead of a single strand group
  • Strand group blending : Blend between strand groups in various operators
  • Multiple hair strand groups: a single strand can now belong to multiple strand groups, allowing a greater control over various effects.
  • USD (Universal Scene Description) hair curve export
  • Viewport Display
    • Significant speed increases in viewport hair rendering
    • Hair overlay colors show strand groups, channel values, and selection directly on hair with custom saturation
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