Noise modifier allows adding procedural noise to hair and optionally animating its movement. It can also be used to fake wind animation on short hairs or to add an extra layer of animation to already simulated hair.



  • Amount
    Set the noise amount.
  • Amount Vector
    Noise strength specified individually for axis.
  • Amount Channel
  • Noise Scale
    Frequency of the noise pattern.
  • Space Offset
    Move the noise pattern along each axis.
  • Time Offset
  • World Space
    When on, the directional parameters will be applied as world-space vectors.
  • Preserve Strand Length
    Preserve the strand length when applying deformations.
  • Movement Direction
    Vector specifying in which direction the noise pattern will be moved.
  • Movement Speed
    Specifies how fast the noise pattern will move.

Using the Noise operator 

Using the Noise operator
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