Feathered Eagle 

This sample scene demonstrates the following features of Ornatrix Maya:
  • Hair operator stack usage to create parametric groom
  • Surface comb operator with sinks used to comb the eagle's feathers along surface
  • Mesh from strands node to convert hairs into meshed feathers
  • Using multiple UV sets in mesh from strands node to create feathers which have both a feather texture and color variation along the mesh surface
  • Usage of rotate operator to orient the feather twist to face the mesh surface

Available is a full Maya project including the scene, textures, and other data used within the scene.



You are allowed to use this scene for learning Ornatrix Maya. Feel free to open it, study it, and change things.

You are not permitted to redistribute, sell, or use this scene in your own work under any circumstances! We put a lot of work into preparing these scenes and we ask that you respect that.



Click here to download the archive containing the Maya project.


Usage instructions 

  1. Download and extract the demo scene archive onto your hard-drive using 7-zip
  2. Open Maya, then in main menu select File -> Set Project
  3. Find and select the directory of the extracted archive. This will set your current Maya project to this sample scene.
  4. In main menu go to File -> Open Scene and select Bird_SceneSample.mb from the list.

The scene is now opened and ready for you to learn.

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