Isotropix Clarisse Interop 



Ornatrix supports a robust way of exporting static or animated hair to Isotropix Clarisse using Alembic interop. In this small tutorial we will learn how to this is done in a real world setting.

Final result rendered in Clarisse:






Starting scene 

We start with a simple hair groom that we will send to Clarisse for rendering.


Exporting Operator Stack 

It starts selecting the Hair groom shape in the Operator Stack and exporting your selection using a two-step process shown below.


Importing groom in Clarisse 

With our scene exported, in Clarisse we will import the hair groom by its Reference method.


Ready for rendering 

After this step you would have your hair in Clarisse ready for rendering.

Note that you can to control some parameters like Segment Count, Shape and Radius values at the Geometry section from Clarisse Attribute Editor by simply selecting your hair groom.

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