Integration Tests 

Together with Ornatrix Maya plugin we ship a set of automated integration tests written in PyMel which cover most of Ornatrix. These functions are used by us internally to make sure everything is working as intended as we make changes and improve Ornatrix. The reason why we distribute them to you is to:
  1. Allow you to run them as well and ensure that Ornatrix is functioning properly with your installation of Maya
  2. Give you a detailed and functioning reference of Python and MEL functions used to access Ornatrix


To install the integration tests simply enable the Integration Tests option inside the .msi installer. This will place the tests inside your Ornatrix Maya's installation Test sub-directory (for example: C:\ProgramData\Ephere\OrnatrixMaya\Test).


Running The Tests 

To run the integration tests once installed:
  1. Start Maya
  2. Open Script Editor
  3. Add a new Python script tab
  4. Paste the following script into it:
    testDir = r'C:\ProgramData\Ephere\OrnatrixMaya\Test'
    import os
    import sys
    scriptsDir = os.path.dirname( testDir )
    print "Adding to sys.path: " + testDir
    sys.path.append( testDir )
    import pymel.core as pm
    import pymel.core.datatypes as dt
    import RunTests
    import TestUtilities
    pm.animation.evaluationManager( m = 'parallel' )
  5. Choose Command->Evaluate from the menu

This will run all tests and print the results into the script editor window

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