Reporting Issues 

To properly debug an issue we need certain details to speed up the process. Every working environment and production is different, so we need as much details as possible to reproduce the problem and reduce the e-mails back and forth with the user.


Before Reporting an Issue 

  • Use our user forums
    Your question could have been answered in the forums. Use the search bar in our forums, and if you find a thread with an issue similar to yours feel free to reopen it.

Reporting an issue 

Please provide the following to allow us to work on your issue as soon as possible:

Test Environment
  • Include Ornatrix version
  • Maya version
  • OS version

You can find the exact version where you last saved your Ornatrix scene using the following command:

fileInfo -q "OrnatrixVersion" 
Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Provide the exact steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Provide a short video showing the problem if possible.
  • If you provide a video, try to make it as short as possible.
Test Files
  • Try to reproduce the issue in a new scene and include it in your bug report.
  • If the issue only happens in a particular scene, include a stripped down version so we can debug it properly.
  • A stripped down version should only include the items needed to reproduce the issue.
  • Look for files called Ornatrix*.log and Ornatrix*.dmp in your %TEMP% folder on Windows or /tmp on Mac/Linux.
  • Pack all the files in a single archive.
  • If you work for a studio we can sign your NDA.

Send us your issue report using the contact page.

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